Boot Camp

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    ​SALE! $75/month


    • 3 Weekly Classes (indoors)

    • Full Body Workouts

    • Different Workouts for Each Classes

    • Resistance, Plyometrics & Core Cardio

    • Professional Fitness Guidance

    • General Nutritional Support

    Our boot camp classes are 1 hour full body workouts rotating highlighted muscles groups for each classes. Push and pull muscles, resistance, high intensity interval train (AKA HIIT), core-cardio plyometrics and abdominal training are the key elements to each routine. We switch these elements up every class so participants never bore, never plateau and never know what's coming next! We encourage our participants to attend 3 classes each for maximum results and benefits. The Rise Fitness Boot Camp is perfect for any fitness level and is "a go at your own pace" fitness experience. We encourage breaks when needed, use positive reinforcement and invite people out of their comfort zone. We strive to always create a positive fitness environment.

Chase Park (2nd Floor Theater Room)

4701 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago IL 60640

  • Free Street Parking Only

  • Water Fountains

  • Showers/Locker Room Open in Summer or Upon Request

​Morning Time Slots

Mon / Wed / Fri - 06:15 AM

Evening Time Slots

 Mon / Wed  - 06:30 PM

Tue / Thu - 06:30 PM or 07:30 PM or 08:30 PM

Saturday Time Slots

09:00 AM or 02:30 PM

Irish American Heritage Center

(Room 306)

4626 N. Knox Ave. Chicago IL 60630

  • Free Lot & Street Parking

  • No Locker Room/Showers

Evening Time Slots

Mon / Wed - 06:30 PM

Saturday Time Slots

10:00 AM

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