The Rise was started in 2012 by a team of trainers and fitness experts working at the Chicago Park District. It was created to offer support and guidance at a minimal cost to those looking to improve their physical health, body and personal esteem. The Rise leads participants through a variety of different group exercises that change every class. Boot camp meetings are on-going structured for 3 times a week attendance and offered at 2 different locations in Chicago.

While meeting your own challenges, you'll also meet other like-minded participants with similar goals. As a group we will complete a different full body workout at each meeting. Every workout will take an hour to complete consisting of warm-ups and stretches, Resistance Training, Core-Cardio (Endurance, Plyometrics, High Intensity Interval or Tabata) and Abdominal Work. By never repeating the same workout within the month, we ensure your body is consistently challenged and results never plateau.

These workouts can be done with modifications for all levels of fitness and physical capability. You decide your own pace and level of participation. We encourage participants to take breaks, push themselves when they can and work within their comfort zone as we invite you to surpass your goals.​

Our goal is to give people the gift of a fit body, mind and spirit by introducing them to the innate athlete inside of them. This isn't just about weight loss, muscle building or the perfect physique. It's about discovering that you can do anything and enjoying the immense empowerment of that discovery every single day.

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